Disgaea PC-PLAZA

Posted 25 Feb 2016 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Disgaea PC-PLAZA


Two years after the death of his father, Overlord Krichevskoy, the demon prince Laharl awakens…



Two years after the death of his father, Overlord Krichevskoy, the demon prince Laharl awakens to discover that the Netherworld is in turmoil. With unlikely allies, his devious vassal Etna and the angel trainee Flonne, he must battle his way to supremacy to retake the throne and become the next Overlord. Experience the SRPG classic, now on PC!

Title: Disgaea PC
Genre: RPG
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
Publisher: NIS America, Inc.
Release Date: 24 Feb, 2016

Disgaea PC-PLAZA
Size: 646 MB



























    • OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.60 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 9500 GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 5450 (OpenGL 3.0)
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Onboard


    • OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500 3.30 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTS 450, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 5750
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Onboard

Disgaea PC-PLAZA
1. Extract release
2. Mount ISO
3. Install the game
4. Copy crack from the PLAZA folder
5. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Steven (25 Feb 2016, 10:29)

    Thanks Alot for PLAZA release

    Guys even legit — USERS complain about lot of problemes WTF


    everyone in steam are requesting for REFUND now wtffff

  2. ALEX (25 Feb 2016, 11:06)

    Works great for everyone with Windows 10 having OpenAL error


    Download from link above and install using Windows installs, takes 4 seconds and game works instantly..

  3. SEED3733 (25 Feb 2016, 15:51)

    Fuck sprites… but thanks PLAZA anyway

  4. Veck (25 Feb 2016, 18:37)

    Sound not working for me..

  5. Silvercow23 (25 Feb 2016, 20:20)

    game working 100% wen i gel old i can tell my grandson that im from the time disgaea came to pc 😉 of course i bought it on steam this deserve it wait for the others to came 😉 a litlle sad about the steam trophies, i tink is just few they could put at least all endings seen trophie

  6. Silvercow23 (25 Feb 2016, 20:21)

    1 more ting if you people ave fps problem just shut downt the shadow option to off not mid or low just off

  7. Doug (26 Feb 2016, 4:39)

    Ahh Disgaea….idk how many tiems i have beat it.
    ps2, psp, ds, and soon to be pc….the no life period begins.

  8. KBen (26 Feb 2016, 5:07)

    if you need to change to english, just modify the 3DMGAME.ini file and change the line that says language=tchinese to language=tenglish

  9. Farisver (26 Feb 2016, 6:56)

    The new maps certainly takes more resources than the old one.
    I’ve got a constant 55-60 FPS when using the old maps.

  10. Alderan (26 Feb 2016, 11:40)

    For those who have no sound, just install OpenAL in the _CommonRedist folder.

    Have fun !

  11. hitman06 (26 Feb 2016, 11:49)

    I thought 3dm is in retreat until 2017 !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Tones (26 Feb 2016, 12:32)

    @Veck Try going to the _CommonRedist File and install the openal and vcredist (unistall the openal 1st if you dloaded it.)

  13. Cipo (26 Feb 2016, 13:41)

    I have an issue wityh the soun…. the game have no music or other sounds for me idk why

  14. hitman06 (26 Feb 2016, 14:12)

    3DM has said you have not crack until 2017, but Why 3DM has cracked this game Disgaea PC ?!!!!!!!!

    hhhh 3DM can’t crackedDENUVO ?

  15. Fly (26 Feb 2016, 15:34)

    The Game works… I’m using Win8.1, but there is no sound in the game…

  16. the stranger (27 Feb 2016, 3:19)

    i got error it said “fatal error : steam must be running to play this game” , anyone have idead about this ? btw i using win 10

  17. the stranger (27 Feb 2016, 3:23)

    nvm i already sloved it

  18. Cipo (27 Feb 2016, 13:02)

    Anyone know how to fix sound?

  19. Cipo (27 Feb 2016, 13:07)

    okay i already fixed sound problem:
    -Go to dame folder
    -Open _CommonRedist folder
    -Instal Openal and vc redist to repair

    Doing this the game sound worked for me

  20. gooby (27 Feb 2016, 15:51)

    what did you do stranger? I have the same problem

  21. Lilord (28 Feb 2016, 22:35)

    I have a problem with direction keys. any solution?

  22. Blak (01 Mar 2016, 10:19)

    You know it’s funny but when I just start the game, and saw Laharl and hear this lullaby song…It’s raining…

  23. Raigeki (01 Mar 2016, 14:09)

    @the stanger how did u solve that ? i got the same error “fatal error : steam must be running to play this game ” anyone know what to do ?

  24. Helpful Laser (02 Mar 2016, 0:20)

    gooby, in the original file there is a “PLAZA” folder with files in them. You just need to copy them to your disgaea folder

  25. Just some guy (02 Mar 2016, 0:22)

    gooby, you need to copy the files from the folder called “PLAZA” in the original download

  26. cconander (02 Mar 2016, 7:52)

    if there possibilty that i can import save game from other version of this game? currently i play psp version

  27. Ben (05 Mar 2016, 13:21)

    Will there be an upload of the patches for this game?

  28. Davis M (05 Mar 2016, 19:33)

    can we get the update version that fixes all the problems?

  29. Allah (11 Mar 2016, 18:42)

    Please update this. The steam version got an update to fix all the release issues.

  30. mamut (14 Mar 2016, 10:16)

    any chance to get the update of this game??? a lot of days passed……

  31. naheem (27 Mar 2016, 16:29)

    Please Update this steam just got updated

  32. Playstudent (28 Mar 2016, 7:12)

    Pls skidrow, crack the update patch, it will solve all the problem.

  33. Xom (22 Apr 2016, 10:39)

    I’m with the update movement. The game is rather broken as released.

  34. willy (27 Apr 2016, 8:30)

    Can i request some game like Makai kingdom, Phantom Brave, Disgaea 2 cursed memories

  35. Tsumi (28 May 2016, 1:58)

    How to solve FPS drop problem?

  36. mamut (29 May 2016, 12:15)

    pleaseee make the updates of this game!!!! or just delete this game for download because it’s broken as it is right now…..

  37. Voice (06 Aug 2016, 15:56)

    the game not have sound. can you fix it??

  38. urgentreply (17 Aug 2016, 7:48)

    please inform if reinstalling the game would delete my saved data, i don’t know my game started working extremely slowly.

  39. Manado (07 Dec 2016, 14:10)

    Update it to the latest version please,,also fix the language from Chinese to English

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